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Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Resources

Use this checklist to review suggested actions to take for an active shooter situation using the FBI/Homeland Security Run, Hide, Fight concept.

Recommended Active Shooter Academics for all Students, Faculty and Staff:


  • Screen shot from OSU How to Survive an Active Shooter videoSurviving an Active Shooter: This video was recently created by Ohio State University and does a great job of introducing the “Run, Hide, Fight” concept promoted by the FBI and Homeland Security. Substitute BroncoAlert for BuckeyeAlert and it looks a lot like our campus.
  • Shots Fired On Campus.(19 Minutes) This video doesn’t use “Run, Hide, and Fight,” specifically, but still has some great tips and guidance for preparing for an Active Shooter scenario on campus.

Online FEMA Courses:

Want to schedule an Active Shooter academics session for your college, department,  or building (60 – 90 minutes)? Please fill contact Jan Webster at 208-426-3221 or email 

Additional Resources: