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Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Resources

Want to schedule an Active Shooter academics session for your college, department,  or building (60 – 90 minutes)? Please fill contact Jan Webster at 208-426-3221 or email 

Use this checklist to review suggested actions to take for an active shooter situation using the FBI/Homeland Security Run, Hide, Fight concept.

Recommended Active Shooter Academics for all Students, Faculty and Staff:


  • Active Attacker – Response and Prevention. (8 1/2 minutes)

    Targeted Violence Video

    “Active Attacker – Response and Prevention” video

    This is the video we are currently using in our “Targeted Violence Awareness” academics. Produced by the University of Michigan, this video not only covers “Run/Hide/Fight” tactics promoted by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, it covers how to recognize the signs of an Active Assailant and “If You See Something, Say Something” in order to prevent a targeted violence incident before it happens.

  • Shots Fired On Campus.(19 Minutes) This video doesn’t use “Run, Hide, and Fight,” specifically, but still has some great tips and guidance for preparing for an Active Shooter scenario on campus.

Online FEMA Courses:

Additional Resources: